Monday, December 13, 2004

Miscellaneous Ramblings

No one thing to talk about today. Here's a smattering of what's on my plate right now:

Work-wise, I've been scrambling to get a dormatory at Oklahoma Christian complete for students to move in starting tomorrow. We got our final fire inspection approval today, so we're good to go. There are still a ton of things to finish on the outside of the building due to the constant monsoons of November, but the rooms are in pretty good shape.

Worship-wise, I'm knee deep in two things. First, I'm leading worship at the Bellevue Church of Christ when I'm home in Nebraska for the Christmas holiday. Since I am seriously allergic to leading worship the old fashioned way (call out song number, wait for people to turn to the page, sing song, repeat as desired), I am creating PowerPoint slides with words and music for the songs that morning. I tried to save myself some work by choosing songs I already had slides to, but that still doesn't cover every one I want to do. So far I've cranked out 4 songs.

The other thing I'm working on is helping to plan WorshipForum '05. It will be held at the Quail Springs Church of Christ in July. I won't go into to many details here, but it is occupying enough brain cells at the moment to warrant a mention. You can check out the website at

We've received our tickets to the Alamo Bowl. We're rooting for OSU. Oh, wait, everyone will be rooting for OSU. OK, we're rooting for the guys in ORANGE. How's that?

Christmas shopping is 75% done, thanks to Alice's Friday night excursion, and our Saturday afternoon/evening shop-a-thon. I'm tired just remembering it.

Gute Nacht!

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CL said...


I believe that you and I share the same allergy. I call it songleaderdysfunctia. It basically means having to lead a church in singing, not in worship. In my journey over the years it seems that there are two distinctions in many churches - although it may not be openly meant to be, it just comes off this way to me - Churches who have a song leader and churches who have worship leaders.

A song leader leads singing.
A worship leader leads worship. Just my .02 God bless!