Monday, January 31, 2005


I am happy to report that we did not make any New Yorkers angry with us during our entire trip. In fact, we encountered no rude people at all that I remember. So much for my preconceived notions about yankees.

To an Okie like me, New York City is very overwhelming for the first couple of days. By Saturday, I was comfortable. But Thursday and Friday had me feeling like a fish a thousand miles from the shore. Too many people, too much information to process, too little like home.

There's little need for sunglasses in New York. The buildings are so tall, if you catch any sun at all it's only for a brief moment.

I can't imagine owning a car in New York. First of all, where on earth would you park it at "home"? Second, where would you park it when you went somewhere? And third, where would you get gas? (See post below)

Getting around Manhattan was pretty easy once I figured out the street layout. Avenues run north-south. Streets run east-west. It still felt odd to say my hotel was at "6th and 59th", but that's the truth (6th Avenue and 59th Street).

OKC seems pretty slow paced today. And the buildings seem so short.

I'd go back in a heartbeat. But I'd never, ever live there.

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Jeanise said...

Isn't it funny about New Yorkers? I always thought they'd be rude too. I thought people in NYC were very nice and usually helpful. :-) And the cops are hilarious!