Sunday, January 02, 2005

Tradition, Tradition

Happy New Year, all. Here are some of the holiday traditions I enjoy:

vacation from work
college football bowl games on TV
attending OSU bowl games in person (hey, 3 years in a row makes a tradition in my book)
buckeyes (not the Ohio St. kind)
vacation from work
sausage balls
shopping (did a guy just say that?)
Christmas decorations (looking at them, not putting them out or taking them down)
vacation from work
Christmas music
new calendars (especially the one my Mom makes for me every year)
Christmas cards with letters or pictures
vacation from work (did I mention that already?)

Here are the ones I could do without:

parking at malls during the month of December
Auld Lang Syne (I hate that song)
going back to work after a long vacation

It's been a great 10 day vacation for me. Hard to psych myself up to begin the grind again tomorrow.

Any favorite holiday traditions for you?


Anonymous said...

We usually watch "Christmas Vacation" every year. For some strange reason, we haven't watched it the last 2 years. We've talked about it, even got the DVD off of the shelf. But it hasn't been watched. Poor Chevy...


Anonymous said...

You've been found! See what happens when you spill your guts over lunch. Lisa

Anonymous said...

I'm sure glad you "especially" like the calendar your mom makes you! Enjoyed your visit!!(short visit!)

Your Mama!