Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Long time, No blog

Someone a while back pointed me to a website that has a daily bible reading from the English Standard Version. If you read every day you'll make it through in a year. The neat thing is that you read some OT and NT, law, poetry, story, you name it, each day. No more getting bogged down in Leviticus in February. What makes it so easy for me is that I find myself sitting at the computer everyday, so it's very convenient to read during one of those sittings. At the moment I am trying to read it over lunch each day. I'm also still trying to figure out how to post a link on this here blog. No luck this time, either. You'll just have to copy and paste.


When I went to work this morning I was groaning about not having any tickets to the OSU basketball games at the Ford Center this weekend. By lunch I had tickets to all of the sessions. I have some good business-mates, don't I?

Zorro is loving this basketball time of year. He can count on Pappa to park on the couch for a couple hours each day, and he's right there on top of me. I always wanted a lap cat. The thing is, he's a lot bigger than my lap. He puts entire limbs of mine asleep if he stays for long.

By the way, I scored 14 in our first basketball game last Saturday. I thought I was going to have to eat my words from a few days ago.

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