Sunday, September 25, 2005

Home Improvement

One of the joys of owning (OK, making payments to a bank rather than a landlord) a home is the necessary maintenance that involves.

Of course, I use the word "joys" loosely.

I taught myself how to caulk this weekend. Fortunately, it was a success. The kitchen looks great. I was able to clean off all of the old caulk first, and my new joints look like they were done by a professional (which, to some degree I am, working in the construction industry and all...). The outside was a little less pleasing - not because of my craftsmanship, but because it was impossible to clean off all of the old caulk first, and equally impossible to cover all of the old caulk with the new. So, what I ended up with was brick, a little bit of the old grey caulk, my new almond caulk, then the wood trim (which is reasonably close in color to the almond caulk).

All of this begs the following question - how do you pronounce "caulk"? I used to work with a guy who pronounced it "kulk". For the longest time, I was pretty loose about including the "l" sound, but now I'm a little more uncomfortable with that pronunciation (for hopefully obvious reasons...).

Maybe I should just call it silicone.

1 comment:

Mike Morton said...

You da' man, Shane! I've done a little bit of "caulking" (no "l")... or is it "cauking"? ... ah who cares!?!?!?!
Anyway, glad you got it all taken care of. I guess now you're ready to tackle that bathroom? :-)

I'm excited about Saturday... gotta' un-dust that OSU shirt I bought last time and get that radio handy.

Have a great week!