Monday, October 24, 2005

The Big Five-Oh

No, I'm not that old. But I did notice that this would be my 50th post in 10 months of blogging. That works out to 5 per month. While I consistently feel like I should write more, once a week doesn't sound too bad right now.

We haven't talked sports in a while.

My football team stinks. Maybe that's why...

Two weeks ago I was gloating that the only team in the Big 12 with a losing overall record was OU.

I did attend my first NBA game last night. The New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets had their first exhibition game at the Ford Center, and I was given tickets. They lost to the Denver Nuggets. I got to see Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin, Eduardo Najara (although I saw him when he played for the Other University), and a couple others whose names were familiar. Rookie Chris Paul was the best player on the court without question. Yes, better than Carmelo. CP3 (as he was called by the announcer) is going to be a star. You heard it here first.

Is there any way the Astros can pull out the Series from down 0-2? Kansas City is my first love, but the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros are tied for second, and Boston isn't far behind. So, I'm rooting hard for a comeback.

Now that I've bored most of you to death with sports, I'll leave to brainstorm something more interesting to talk about...


Karen said...

You mean the World Series has started already? Shows you how much I've kept up with things, doesn't it???

Mike Morton said...

It was a great game, Shane. Thanks for inviting me to that. I always enjoy going to games with you! :-)

I'll be yelling at you from across the stadium on the 26th! :-)


BTW... I was kinda' pulling for the come-back too, but I'm happy for the Sox for FINALLY get their title.

Jan said...

well, 5 per month is abysmal and unacceptable

here are some topics for ya:

have you tried any good recipes lately, Shane? how about the spiritual life? what's your favorite song right now? favorite hymn? why did you leave Omaha? do you like Omaha steaks? do you remember that guy named Dave from your old church? what's he doing?