Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hot air

4th grade YMCA boys basketball began tonight. Our first game is Saturday. We have 8 boys back from last winter. It helps not having to learn all of their names this time. One of the Moms told me her son was glad I was back to coach. How's that for a little bit of reinforcement?

It is a little harder to hold the whistle in my mouth at practice this year. The teeth are a bit sore from the braces, and don't like to bite down on the whistle so much.

Speaking of wind-powered instruments, my cat is afraid of Alice's flute. He hides under the bed when she plays (tonight it was Christmas music). He's not terribly fond of bagpipes or pennywhistles, either. But those are only heard in our house coming from cd's. I do not play the bagpipe. Nor do I wear kilts. I have been known to wear plaid a little too often, however. I am trying to remedy this by purchasing some striped shirts for my wardrobe. What that has to do with my cat, I'm not sure. He wears stripes every day.

Thank you for listening to my random thoughts. Perhaps I will make more sense next time.


Karen said...

I bet the cat is fun to watch. Our dog "sings" when anyone blows on a harmonica; tickles the kids to no end.

Should I be scared that your post made sense to me??

Shane Coffman said...

Oh, be afraid, be very afraid....


Owen B. said...


Your post makes perfect sense to anyone who has ever run marginal references in a Biblical word study. One of my teachers called it Biblical schizophrenia.

Oh, it would also make sense to Marx Brothers enthusiasts.

So I get it doubly.


Mike Morton said...

Go get 'em... COACH!

Anonymous said...

Now I can sit in the stands, if I ever get there and say the Coach is my son!! For those who don't know Shane gets his musical talent from his mother, not his father.