Wednesday, March 01, 2006


It was in the mid 80's today. I shot baskets in the drive when I got home from work for the first time this year (although the neighbor kids have been playing there regularly). I am beginning to wonder if winter is going to come or not. Don't take that as a complaint - I am not a fan of winter. I'll take 100 degrees over 0 degrees any day.

Usually the season we skip is spring or fall. It seems like one of those in between seasons gets lost most years. We go straight from freezing cold to hot, or from hot to "I'm freezing my kahonies off!"

Speaking of freezing my kahonies, we're considering going to Alaska this summer. The wife has an Aunt and Uncle up there that promise this is their last year before they move back to Michigan. Sounds like an opportunity. We've been kicking ourselves for not going to Washington D.C. a few years ago when we had some friends that lived there. Don't want to make the same mistake twice if we can help it. After all, in this season of our life (no kids) we should be hopping all over the world, shouldn't we?

Speaking of far as I am concerned, basketball season is pretty much over. Bummer. Maybe baseball season will go better for my team in orange.


Owen B. said...


Take the opportunity! I've been twice to Alaska, once with my son and once with my dad. Both were memorable trips.

There is no part of Alaska that I saw that wasn't beautiful. Take a camera. Or two. That is one gorgeous state! Most of the people are pretty friendly, too. Some are a little different. But that's okay.

And if your aunt and uncle have been there for awhile, they'll know all the great places to visit.

Don't miss this opportunity! You will regret it if you do miss it. Can you tell I'm envious?

Karen said...

Everyone we know who has lived in or visited Alaska loves it. Brian has an uncle who retired from the Army to live there, then moved back to the lower 48... and then back to Alaska again. It is a very popular military assignment, too.

I hope we get a chance to check it out one of these days.

Ike Graul said...

Hey! You probably wouldn't be driving, but if you were, maybe we would see you here in the PacNW!

Shane Coffman said...

Sounds like a resounding endorsement for the trip. Thanks for the thoughts, Owen and Karen.

Ike, we'll most definitely be flying, but I'll be sure to wave at you when I fly over Portland.

I actually have a college friend that just had a baby in Anchorage, so I might get to see them. That would be a bonus.

Owen B. said...

One question... do you like coffee? We noted that there is an espresso shack on every corner (and sometimes two!).

Guess it comes from living in the dark half the year?

Me? I'm addicted, so I was doubly in heaven!

Shane Coffman said...

No java for me.

I do the Dew. The nectar of the gods.