Sunday, April 30, 2006

Location, location, location

I see a trend - a lot of people whose blogs I read are moving away from Blogger to other hosts. I haven't figured out why, exactly. I haven't had any trouble at all with Blogger, and have rarely found it to be down for any major length of time. So, why the exodus? Oh, well, I intend to stay here for now.

We just returned from a great weekend in Tulsa. Everytime I go there I wonder to myself how different life would be if I would have taken the job offer I had in Tulsa rather than in OKC right out of college. There were great reasons to have gone either way, but for some reason I felt drawn to OKC. It worked out to be a great blessing, but it's still fun to wonder what might have been if I had taken the other road.

My wife is starting week number three at her new office location downtown. I forsee a lot more opportunities for us to eat lunch together, as I find myself downtown for meetings regularly. We went to The Lunch Box last Monday. That's my favorite downtown eating establishment. Mmmm.

Have great week, my friends.


Vanessa Priest said...

Hey Shane! This is Vanessa Priest, daughter of Van Priest (elder). haha! That sounded a little formal. Anyway, just wanted to say hey and that I thought this morning was incredible! Thanks for lettin' God work through you! :)

Karen said...

Well, some of the other blogging platforms (WordPress and Movable Type) have some really cool features... things like being able to postdate entries and have them automatically publish on the date you choose (Good for when you will be away from a computer, but still want content). Some of the templates for those platforms are also nicer than Blogger's. Those could be some reasons people would switch.

Shane Coffman said...

Vanessa -

Thanks for hunting me down here and for the encouraging word. That means a lot to me. God was great Sunday morning at Memorial Drive, for sure. It was good to meet you and to see your parents again. Enjoy your summer!

Karen -

I'm still jealous you get to go to Pepperdine this week.