Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What I'm reading

I'm in the process of reading "Pilgrim Heart" by Darryl Tippens. Through two chapters, it's pretty good. I'll reserve comment until I'm finished.

Here are the books I've read this year that I can recall off the top of my head:

Righteousness Inside Out (by Mike Cope)
Blue Like Jazz (by Donald Miller)
The Monday Morning Church (by Jerry Cook)
The First 90 Days (by Michael Watkins)
7 Practices of Effective Ministry (by Andy Stanely & others)
The Practice of the Presence of God (by Brother Lawrence)
Celebration of Discipline (by Richard Foster)
The Story We Find Ourselves In (by Brian McLaren)

There may be a couple more I'm forgetting. All of these are good, though. I would recommend any of them to you.

So, read any good books lately?


Karen said...

I read Tippens' book earlier this summer. Looking forward to your thoughts on it.

Mike Morton said...

Me? Read? HA! That's a good one. :-) No, I've read a couple of coaching books. They're inspirational. I've read a couple of Steve Farrar books in the last year. Can't remember the titles though... but they were good.

drjimwhite said...

Revolution--George Barna; Searching for God Knows What--Donald Miller; The Body Broken--Jack Reese; Through Gates of Splendor--Elisabeth Eliot; God: As He Longs for You to See Him--Chip Ingram; The Chronicles of Narnia (Yes, for the first time)--C.S. Lewis; The End of the Spear--Steve Saint. These are a sampling of this year's reading. JW

Shane Coffman said...

Jim -

Revolution and Searching for God Knows What are on my shelf waiting for their turn to be read...

I read Narnia for the first time last November, right before the movie came out.

Karen said...

"Searching for God Knows What" was great. I'll be rereading it. Miller's "To Own a Dragon" was also a good one.