Friday, September 15, 2006

Roses are orange, violets are blue...

I have attempted to establish a tradition of giving Alice a dozen ORANGE roses right before the first home OSU football game each fall. (Now I know some of you are thinking I have totally gone off the deep end) But, last fall I was unable to find any in the correct color, so she had to settle for red (ugh! note to self - next time that happens, go with white...). Since Mike went to the last game with me, tomorrow will be Alice's first, so I picked up the orange bouquet this afternoon.

Didn't exactly get the response I was looking for. She asked, "Who gave those to you?"

And they say it's the guys that aren't romantic...


Brenda said... the orange colored rose...(what's wrong with red???) I must say that is mighty romantic. Way to go Shane!!!
But if Chad came home with roses I would probably have the same response as Alice did! That's too funny!

Mike Morton said...

That's too cool... but I would have taken those flowers... sniff... sniff... :-)

That's alright, though. I appreciated Alice giving up that first game so that you and I could go. Thanks Alice!