Saturday, October 28, 2006

Divided Loyalties

Jesus said you can't serve two masters - both God and money.

He didn't say anything about two sports teams, though.

I think I rooted for the Cardinals for the first time in my life last night (shh, don't tell Terry). Of course, I intentionally invited a house full of Cards fans over to get me in the spirit.

Now, let's not expect any miracles here. I'll still be a Royals fan first. And if they ever have a rematch of the '85 series, there's no question who I'm rooting for.

Same story in college football today. Although I grew up in Nebraska and have some Husker Red in my wardrobe, when they play the Cowboys there's no question where my loyalty lies.

I spent too much money on my college education and season tickets for the past 14 years to root for anyone else. Go Pokes!

I title this picture: "If Shane and Alice had kids..."


Jeanne said...

I'm glad to see you have come to your senses! Yay! Cardinals!!!!!!

Danna said...

So I assume you all are going to the game today? SO ARE WE! I am so excited! Of course I will be rooting for the RED team! GO BIG RED! :o)

Anonymous said...

First things first YEA COWBOYS!!!! (yes I do live in Nebraska)

Second, please note that the younger boy's in the picture are
identical twins. Your mother and I would love to have a couple of more grand-kids!!!!


Brenda said...


Mike Morton said...

Should of been the Mets in there... but oh well.

Bet you had fun at the game yesterday. It was a really great game. I was pulling for the Pokes!

If you guys had kids, huh? Well wouldn't that be just a peach if little junior became and OU fan!?!?!