Monday, November 27, 2006

Green and Red

We've skipped the rest of the leaves and moved right to the lights. More fun that way.

Our green and red for Christmas consists of green lights and red blood (shed while installing).

We shopped today and have 4 people finished, and it's not even December yet!

But, the leaves are still waiting on us...


Anonymous said...

I decided to avoid the crowds and do all my christmas shopping online. Dude! Free shipping! And I only have two presents left to buy!

Now I just have to wait for the FedEx man... :)

Pretty lights!!!

Anonymous said...

WHOO HOOO for the FedEx man!!! Yeah baby!

Shane Coffman said...

I tried to do some online shopping last night. I was successful with one item, a second item was back ordered until mid-January, and the third was no longer available.

The 33% success rate was disappointing.

drjimwhite said...

Just mulch the leaves, man. Mulch them and pray for a good northwest wind.

Jeanne said...

If you wait the leaves will blow away, I promise!! The lights look wonderful. Vanessa was so embarrassed that I still had my scarecrow on the front porch when she left on Sunday. She said I was the only person in the neighborhood with Thanksgiving decorations still out! How can I be so far behind when it was just 3 days after Thanksgiving!

Terry Rush said...

Shane, we have a new thing in Eastern Oklahoma that works really well. Light the leaves and step back. Close your eyes. Count to 25. Turn round three times.

Open your eyes.....Your neighbors will come out and help you burn them as well as the local fire department. They'll even provide a square little SUV with bright Christmas lights and a siren to give you oxygen and cider.

Try it just once....come on!!!!!!