Saturday, November 04, 2006

Random Happenings, Thoughts, and Confessions

In the past week, we have had a deer cross in front of us on the road just outside our housing addition, and Alice saw a loose horse on the same road. We officially live in the country.

Today is our annual homeowners association meeting. They are having the second annual riding lawnmower race. I'm having visions of Tim the Tool-Man Taylor flashing in my head. This should be good. Too bad I only have a push mower, and it hasn't been started in at least 4 years.

My computer at work died on Wednesday. It missed Allen so much, it died of a broken heart. Or a broken hard drive. I'm not sure which.

This whole Pastor Ted Haggard story (New Life Church in Colorado Springs) makes me sad. Gays and anti-Christians will use this to say, "A-ha! I told you they're all hypocrites!"

My response? No, we're not all hypocrites, but we're all sinners. There is a difference. A hypocrite acts as if they are perfect and never make a mistake. They are self-righteous and arrogant. And, yes, the church has their fair share of those. But they do not represent all of us. Most of us are struggling followers of Jesus who are torn up by our own weaknesses and short-comings, and long to be more like Him. We don't look down on everyone else, and don't think we are above falling victim to the temptations that are around us every day.

We're only hypocrites if we never think we have to say "I'm sorry."

Father, I am truly sorry for my sins. I own them, and I cannot overcome them on my own. As a minister, please, please help me not to disgrace your name to the world. Help me to remember that my righteousness only comes from you, not from myself. Help me to serve humbly. Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from the evil one. Amen.


Brenda said...

Thank you for being such an example to others. None of us are perfect...however...we are blessed that we have a Father that sees us differently than we see ourselves. I love that about Him. In the hard times when we are down, he continues to give us hope to hold onto. I love that about Him as well. Okay...I just love everything about Him. ;o)

Mike Morton said...

I've got one for ya'...

You know you're in Deer Creek when...

... you're on your way to a banquet, back roads--no lights, when a single car is driving by you, and you catch a glimpse of an object, several objects now, on the side of the road. 3 cows have hopped the fence (somehow) and are checking out greener pastures. Steaks anyone? (no we missed them)