Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Beta Blues

I finally switched to the new beta version of Blogger. I held out for fear of messing things up around here. So far the damage doesn't appear to be too bad.

One thing I've noticed so far is that some of the old comments lost their identification (and became "anonymous"). I don't know if that will correct itself or not.

From those who have already converted - are there any others glitches I should look out for?


Franklin Wood said...

well, at first you HAD to be signed into your beta account in order to comment on the blogs of others. With the original, you could sign in as you commented.
It looks like they may have changed that now. We'll see if this gets posted! I lost a few comments due to this problem.
Other than that, no complaints except that it doesn't seem to be "way better than the original" as is being claimed.

Shane Coffman said...

That was what pushed me to make the move. I was trying to post on Vanessa's blog and it wouldn't let me until I set up a Google account. So, I'm not so sure they've fixed that yet. Or, I'm just not terribly smart. It's 50-50 which one is the true reason...

Ironically, Vanessa's comments here are some of the ones that were messed up. Sorry, V.

Shaner said...

The Beta is the reason why I went to WordPress. There's something about blogger that I didn't like -- I suppose to be honest I should say that I just flat out liked WordPress better. The Beta stuff in blogger was boring. There was some problems posting pictures -- also I wanted to put in my own template, but the beta wouldn't let me. I never found out why. So, I left.

Theresa said...

I put my own template in beta. I have actually not noticed a lot of difference.

I don't host my pictures on blogger, so I don't run into a lot of problems there.

Comments sometimes cause issues. But any comment interface is going to do that. Haloscan is notorious for causing problems, and it's one of the better ones.

So, quit yer whinin'. ;)

There're going to be bugs, as in any beta version. On the beta blogger homepage there's a list of them to watch out for. I'll look for it and link it if you want. Hope it works out.


Shaner said...

I just read that Blogger will soon be making their Beta the norm in the next month or so and everyone will be forced to switch. So, eventually you will have to use the Beta...I say just go ahead and get the inevitable over with!

Terry Rush said...

I only use Beta on the golf course for sun and sometimes wind. Now I'm learning from you all to smear little onto my computer screen. When will I ever catch up with all this tech stuff?

Shane Coffman said...

Terry, the golf course is a dangerous place.

I'm glad you're using your Beta.