Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Right on cue...

I'm down with a sinus/throat infection. Please pray for the antibiotics to work quickly. I need to be a strong leader for our Friday evening Christmas Service, and for Sunday morning.

I am not surprised. I had pink eye the week before my interview at Memorial Drive. Brandon was sick the week of their Christmas musical. Franklin's car breaks down right after he makes a commitment to a higher level of giving.

The enemy is predictable. He takes his cues to strike us right before an event that could damage his work on earth, and right after we reconfirm our committment to God. We shouldn't be ignorant of his schemes. If we brag about being good at some fruit of the Spirit, look out! He'll come after you right there next.

Just remember: In the end, he loses, and we win.


Terry Rush said...

Don't worry Shane. If you can't lead I'm guessing Bethel Logan and I can fill in. Give us a mic, a few prelimenary pitching hums...and we are set. I'll call her right now!

Believe me, now the church is praying!

Get well!

Jeanne said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, this can't be good! Not Terry and Bethel (well, not Bethel anyway! :) love you Terry!), but you being sick!!! Should I bring chicken noodle soup????? Get well quickly!!!!!!

Brenda said...

Oh Shane!!! Get well...QUICK!!! If Dolly and Kenny break out we are really in some trouble!!!
I love you Terry! All 3 of you!

Franklin Wood said...

Shane, a follow-up to my story...God has blessed us by end-of-the-year gifts by more than quadruple what we spent on our car battery!
Now, we REALLY believe in God opening up his floodgates!
By the way, how did Cocoa and Carols go at 29th and Yale? My buddy Tom Dahlman told me that Memorial's worship team was singing there.
Get well soon, bro!

Mike Morton said...

That's ok, Shane. You'll make it. If I can lead 1/2 horse... then you can make it off of 1/2 a vocal cords (or however that's supposed to sound).