Friday, December 29, 2006

A Snack From My Mind

Any day now (fortunately not last night), Bobby Knight will pass Dean Smith and become the all-time winningest college basketball coach. However, instead of being remembered as a great coach who won the right way (by running clean programs that never had an NCAA infraction and by graduating the vast majority of his players), he will be remembered as a bully with a temper problem.

I think that serves as a strong reminder to all of us. No matter what good you may accomplish in this life, if you cannot control your anger and your tongue your witness will be useless.


They say Saddam will be hanged within the next couple of hours. Did any of you catch the irony of his lawyer's final defense? All along, Saddam has claimed he is still the president of Iraq. Now that he has been found guilty, his lawyers are saying it is wrong for the U.S. to hand him over to the Iraqi government to receive his punishment because you are not supposed to hand over a prisoner of war to his enemies. Wait a minute, are you now calling the Iraqis your enemy? I thought you were their president?


The Wal-Mart version of clumping cat litter is definitely cheaper than the name brand version. The only problem is that it doesn't actually clump...


Kudos to OSU for pulling out the victory last night against Alabama. All of those close games throughout the year finally paid off. Our guys didn't lose their composure or give up after two straight special teams mistakes.

Hopefully they learned that lesson for the rest of their lives, too. We all mess up at times. The measure of a person is how they handle it when they do mess up. The best ones simply get right back up and keep on toward their goal. No moping around, no blaming everyone else for their own mistakes and failures. Take responsibility, make the changes you need to make, and keep on trucking!


So, what's your favorite holiday treat? I'd say buckeyes are my #1 choice.


The end.


Anonymous said...

Buckeyes, yep that just about does it!!! How About those COWBOYS!!! GO Boise

Dad Coffman

Jeanise said...

My favorite holiday treat is having Mike home for two weeks!!

Tim said...

Jumping on the trampoline Santa brought my kids...

Brenda said...

Sleeping in...that's my favorite holiday treat. However...if we're talking about food...I have to's all about mom's pumpkin pie! I could have that everyday of the year! I know it's traditional...but I love it!