Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Coach M 2

Well, the Lady Antlers couldn't pull it off for us last Friday night, but it was fun watching Coach Morton in action anyway.

Mike, I'm proud of you for not getting a "T" all evening. ;-)

(He wouldn't stand still long enough for me to get very many good pictures...)


Jeanise said...

Standing still? I have trouble getting one were he's not yelling something! :)

Mike Morton said...

Great pics Shane. I had a parent a long time ago, complain that I had given up on the team in a particular game... because I sat down on the bench (I almost ALWAYS stand). I guess that since then, I move around a lot as well.

I'm getting a lot better with the T's. I haven't had one in 4 years! (yes I keep track) Although, I about got one the other night, huh? I know that the officials knew that I was pretty "t'd off" at them on about 2 specific occassions. :-) I have to be careful, because if a coach gets T'd, he/she has to sit on the bench. And you KNOW that just won't work!

Thanks again for coming down to see us! We'll get those Irish next time!

Tracy said...

Shane...I wondered if anyone was ever going to notice what the title of my blog meant. It also reflects my life as a minister's wife...living in the fish bowl. Is it still warm down there in OK?