Saturday, January 06, 2007

Workshop 2

Here are some of my favorite Workshop memories (in no particular order):

Joe Almanza and Joe Beam's keynotes in the mid '90's. Those were two powerful nights.

The Acappella reunion a few years ago. WOW! What a concert!

The singing every year. (Thanks, Keith)

The cheap books. Workshop is where 75% of my library came from.

Rick Atchley a couple of years ago: "If everyone would spend some time in the mission field, all of these petty issues that we fight about in the American church would go away." AMEN! I know from experience.

Marvin asking us to take the wallet of the person in front of us and give like we've always wanted to.

Terry and Wade stealing each other's microphone last year.

Meeting my new Memorial Drive family last year (wink, wink, Jeanne)

Yes, I remember the tornado year, too. How about last year's beautiful snow on Thursday morning? It was the kind that collected on the grass, but not on the pavement. That's what I call perfect snow!

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