Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Male Pattern Baldness

No, not me. That started a long time ago on me.

But who ever heard of it on a cat?

In the last couple of days, Z has developed a bald spot on the back of his left ear.

Fear not, I can assure you there will be no kitty-comb-overs here! We will be bald and proud!


Brenda said...

Ahhh....this makes me so sad for the kitty. Well...I guess if it gets too bad you could just shave him totally. That's what some do!

Franklin Wood said...

hey Shane! sorry I didn't talk much on the phone the other day...after you called I thought, "I must have sounded like a jerk for not really talking!"
I would love to chat sometime. I figure you are really busy with Workshop stuff, though. Maybe we'll bump into each other in Tulsa sometime when you're not busy!
God bless!

Shane Coffman said...

Well, Franklin, let's absolve each other of all guilt...

I was feeling just as bad for not taking the chance to talk to you for a bit.

So, maybe next time we'll both do better!