Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Singing with Life!

Psalm 33:3 says, “Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.”

I think that pretty much sums up my goal for the musical portion of our worship at Memorial Drive.

I want the songs we sing to remain fresh and new rather than growing old and stale. We should look forward to new songs being introduced – after all, it’s biblical! And, as Rick Atchley says, if you think we’re going to sing the same old 730 songs for all of eternity, you’re going to be greatly disappointed.

I want us to be skilled worshippers. That includes singing well with our voices. It also includes being skillfully engaged with our hearts and bodies. Our faces and our eyes should show our interest. Music is passionate. Sing it like you would say it!

And I want us to do it all with great joy. We have so much reason to rejoice. We have been saved from sin and from a life of meaninglessness. We will be with our Creator forever. That’s good news! Shouting for joy is perfectly acceptable and biblical at the appropriate time. But anyone that tells you there is NO appropriate time is feeding you a lie and trying to steal your joy. Don’t let them!


Jeanne said...

Great thoughts Shane! I love singing. It has always been just like telling or reading a story to me, the difference is it is set to music. I love to sing praises to God and declare the wonders of His love. Thanks for sharing!

Terry Rush said...


I marvel had how good you do your job. We are so blessed and I think it every time I watch you work.

I'm so glad I get to work beside you!

Brenda said...

Well, you know I just love everything about singing. I've learned lately to appreciate the older songs or "hymns" that I never knew. So many have such a great meaning and well...they are fresh to me. I really like it when you take an older song and mix it up with another that is new.
I think it is difficult to sing without Joy! Even when I'm listening to the radio, if I can't find a song that makes me sing "joyfully" and "happy" then I change the station or pop in a CD.
Singing is such an expression of being in the moment...and in worship, it can create such an intimate moment with God. Even singing can open up our hearts when we are hurting so much and can't find our way. I'm so happy that this style of worshipping gets me where I need to be with God.
Thank you for providing some new and fresh opportunities. I enjoy sharing these opportunities with some amazing people.