Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Music Tag

I was tagged by Franklin to name 7 songs I am currently listening to or mean something special to me.

Currently listening to:

1. Be Lifted High (Michael W. Smith)
2. Your Name (Philips, Craig & Dean)

I'm working on arrangements for both of these so we can sing them at Memorial Drive. I'm particularly fond of the verses to "Be Lifted High"

On a funny note, I have a little trouble with the final chorus when MWS adds an extra "Oh" before singing the lines...as it translates to "OU be lifted high". I don't think so!

Songs that are special to me:

3. Be With Me Lord

My favorite old hymn. I particulary like verse 3:
Be with me, Lord, no other gift or blessing Thou couldst bestow could with this one compare:
A constant sense of Thy abiding presence where're I am to feel that Thou art near.

4. I Need You More

This one got me through a particularly tough time in 2001.

5. Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus

My favorite Christmas song.

6. Voice of Truth (Casting Crowns)

We all have competing messages being fed to us every day. We have to choose to listen to and believe the voice of truth.

7. One Pure and Holy Passion (written by Mark Altrogge)

I never have finished an arrangement of this...maybe some day.

Tag revised: I tag all Memorial Drive Praise Team members who are reading. If you don't have your own blog to post on, feel free to leave yours in the comments section here. I want to know what songs are touching you.


Brenda said...

I can't believe I missed this post.
Wow...it's so difficult and unfair to try and choose. Especially since you took most of my favorites.

Well...you took my number #1...which I am TOTALLY psyched that you are arranging this. And if you have to take the OU out...I'm okay. I wouldn't want such a good team to come between you and God. I'm glad that MWS holds them high enough to sing about them. ;o)

I love most praise and worship music so this time, I'll name hymns that are special to me...since most think I don't know them! ;o)

#2 My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less

This song reminds me of the times when I'm all caught up in myself and all my earthly surroundings that everything around me is sinking sand. I love it! I probably sing this everyday around the house.

#3 Everybody will be happy over there & He gave me a song!
I remember sitting with my dad (who is a great bass) singing this song while smiling and loving church.

#4 He Bore it All & Sing and be happy.
These just remind me of the fun times at church with Booker Murphy.

#5 Nearer, Still Nearer
I love verses 2 & 3

#6 O Sacred Head

#7 O Lord, Our Lord
Cause I recently hit a note I've never been able to hit! ;o)

Brenda said...

Oh...and I didn't list the obvious...but Days of Elijah!