Friday, June 08, 2007


So, the beautiful and witty Theresa (hey, she called me fabulous - go look for yourself!) has shared about our conversation last night about blogworthiness.

It began when I was chastised for my recent lack of activity on this site (although it appears she hadn't posted since Monday, either...). My meager excuse was that most of what was going on in my mind was not blogworthy. But, how do I determine what exactly is blogworthy? What are my minimum standards before I will post something for the world to see at

Lately, I have not been sharing personally incriminating information, such as the fact that I stink at home improvement, and each weekend attempt to upgrade our superfluous house in Edmond has Alice and myself leaving on Saturday night thinking we have actually just decreased its value.

Oops, now that's out in the open...

Additionally, I have withheld information about family issues I am going through. Those who know me well don't have to come here to read about it.

I find myself at times swallowing my thoughts on some matters of religion, especially legalism. I choose to be Christ-oriented and positive, rather than issue-oriented and negative. The constant bickering between Christians of different stripes as well as within singular congregations is irritating.

One area I have failed to gloat about sufficiently is the OSU baseball team, who, in just a couple of minutes, open up their Super Regional series against Louisville for the right to go to Omaha and the College World Series. Nor have I mentioned that the Other University failed to make the NCAA Tournament at all.

I constantly wish there were more funny things I could report. I realize that if we would just have some children, the stream of amusing events would increase dramatically. But that seems like a high price to pay just to have a more interesting blog.

So, I guess I just want this place to be an honest representation of me, and it naturally follows that I would choose what to post here carefully, as I would do the same with my words in a live conversation. That's my "C-S" personality shining through!

Today I join Theresa in offering cheers to the unblogworthy. And to that I add cheers to all who show an ounce of discretion in what they choose to post. Because diarrhea of the blog is so unbecoming.


Brenda said...

You had my attention of the whole "unworthyblog" thing until you went to the "Other University" thing. ;o)

Theresa said...

I like this post. It has my name in it twice. (Not that I'm basking in the attention at all!) ;)

Seriously though... I think the unblogworthy is important. Perhaps just recognizing it as something that is unworthy of a Christian thought and in that realization submitting those thoughts, feelings, blogs to Christ is, in fact, a purpose in itself. (2 Cor. 10:5) I could also share some amazing answers to prayer simply by perusing the unblogworthy drafts that blogger holds so anonymously and privately for me.

So, yeah... I already said essentially that in my blog, but once again... I agree. Nicely posted, Shane. :)

Mike Morton said...

The "Other University"... you're slippin'. I can't believe that you even put the name in RED coloring! :-)


Chad said...

Can you say Louisville!!!!!!!

Brenda said...

You should be very proud that I at least watch the I have nothing better to do at work.
And only to give you a hard time too.

Mike Morton said...

I don't know Chad... Yesterday's game was 'interesting' to say the least. I guess if you're gonna get a hit... might as well put it out of the park, huh? :-) Can't believe that Shane hasn't responded yet...

Can't wait to watch today!