Thursday, July 12, 2007

Miscellaneous Thursday

Many of you know what VBS does to my brain. If not, check out my post from last year at this time.

So, being unable to carry a consistent thought to any sort of conclusion, here is a random sampling of what's crossing in and out of my mind this morning.


I'll be far more interested in the home run chase in a few years when it's Alex Rodriguez chasing it instead of Barry Bonds. As far as we know, A-Rod is clean of steroids and generally a lot more likeable.

Besides that, I have his bobblehead from a free promotion when he was in Texas, and he homered both games I saw him play in a Rangers uniform.

I will admit that it's hard to root for a Yankee, though. He needs to be traded before I'm totally on board with A-Rod mania. How about back to Texas???


It's raining again. I guess that isn't news anymore, is it?


Moses didn't have a watch. I learned that last night at VBS. Thanks, Kendall!


VBS is the one week a year that everyone can get away with wearing the same t-shirt all week. It reminds me of "Senior Slob Week" when I was in high school....


We didn't hand out gum to the 3, 4, and 5 year olds in class last night.


After a year, we still haven't found a Mexican or BBQ restaurant in Tulsa to compare with our favorites in OKC. Any suggestions?



Tammy said...

Wow! I am so hurt! That must be one good Mexican place to beat out Mexico Viejo...I will forgive you for a piece of gum.

Brenda said...

What was the name of your favorite mexican place in OKC? What was it that made it so special? Maybe we can find a happy medium?

Danna said...

My question is the same as Brenda's: what was your favorite in OKC? Of course my fave from there came here, so I'm good. :o) As for BBQ, we really like Runt's; have you eaten there yet? I think it might be time for a Coffman/Townsdin outing.....

The Moses watch comment made me laugh out loud!

I'm not a Barry Bonds fan, but I feel kind of sorry for him getting booed all the time. And I can't say I'm a A-Rod fan either. ESPECIALLY now that he wears that Yankee uniform!

And don't you love not having to decide what to wear each night???

Lindsay said...

I definately agree: let's bring A-Rod back to Texas! They could use him right about now. But then again, they could use just about anybody right now. They're 15 games out and have the same record as the Royals. Yikes!

Shane Coffman said...

And Texas is still paying on his contract why not enjoy his services?

Van said...
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Van said...

I too would like to see A-Rod back in Texas next year, but the latest rumors I'm hearing are that he will likely be playing on the west coast in either a Giants or Angels uniform. :(