Thursday, July 05, 2007

Who's in Charge Here?

I wonder why God, when He wants to free His children from Egyptian slavery, chooses to have Moses tell Pharaoh to let them go to worship Him (Exodus 7-12), rather than giving some other reason?

That would seem like a direct attack on the supremacy of Pharaoh. He's the ruler, but the slaves want to go worship someone else. It's no wonder that he doesn't want to let them go. Not only is he afraid they will flee, but he also doesn't want to give an inch as far as his own ego is concerned.

Hard to blame him, isn't it?

Men will go to great lengths to protect their own power.

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Franklin Wood said...

Great thought, Shane. When researching the same story, I found out that the Egyptians also had a "god of the Nile" which was the FIRST thing God plagued!
Not only is it man defending his own ego, but defending his way of life as "the only way." (I guess that's still ego.)