Friday, August 24, 2007

Developing Our Gifts

I missed a prime opportunity last night to talk to our worship team about the theme for this coming Sunday morning. The title is "Developing Our Gifts".

The idea started when Terry was impressed with the fact that Tiger Woods was one of the first golfers in Tulsa to practice at Southern Hills in preparation for the PGA Tournament a couple of weeks ago. In contrast, John Daly didn't even play a practice round there at all. When Sunday rolled around, it was Woods who had won and Daly who had faded.

Even though he is the best golfer in the world, Tiger doesn't take for granted his need to practice and continue to develop his skills.

That's really why we meet on Thursday nights as a ministry. Yes, we could just show up on Sunday and sing whatever parts we want to make up and it would sound fine and still be heart-felt praise to God. But that strikes me as similar to John Daly showing up on the golf course on Thursday - he'll still score way better than I would because he has far more natural talent than I do at golf, but he won't do nearly as well as he would have done if he had taken the time to practice and learn the course, work on his shots, and prepare his mind. That sounds too much like the guy who buried his talent in the ground. I'd rather invest and rehearse and develop my (and our) skills to use them more fully. In the same way, Terry (or any other preacher) could just show up on Sunday morning and talk and we would still enjoy listening and might even learn some things, but the reality is that Terry's sermons are far more inspiring because he has studied and listened to God all week and developed his gift of communicating for our benefit and God's glory rather than just "winging it".

So, thanks to our team for their hard work and attendance on Thursday evenings. While it is often fun, it is also very important to what we do on Sundays.

In gratitude to God for the talents He has blessed us with, we continue to develop our gifts.


Terry Rush said...

Good stuff, Shane. Just the thought of how God works with us...even when we have to practice...makes me want to hurry up and get here Sunday morning. I can't wait to hear what He has to say through us!

Enjoy your mini-vacation. Have you "practiced" catching a foul ball at the Royals game?

Mike Morton said...



Shane ... what a great thought. I haven't looked at it from that way before. Point well taken.

Brenda said...

Thanks Shane! It's also important that we do this each we for our hearts. Sure, we may be rehersing for Sunday morning, but we're also bringing our hearts back go God in the middle of our week when sometimes, that the most important night of my week. I know when I've drifted away, I can come to rehersal and get back to where He wants me to be...and where I want to be.