Friday, August 17, 2007


Frog sightings at the Coffman house in the past week:

1. On the front porch. This is not unusual.

2. On the roof in the back by the covered patio. This is most definitely unusual. I assume he climbed the tree and jumped down, because if he jumped up there from the ground he has an incredible vertical leap...

3. In the master bath toilet this morning. Yes, that's right - in the toilet. Fortunately I noticed before I began, uh, using said toilet. I got the camera, but as soon as the red eye reduction light came on, he swam back down the drain.

Do you think they're plotting a take-over? Are those the spies?


Brenda said...

Um...I know I may never be using the bathroom in your house again. I know I will at least look first! Sheesh!
I'm so glad you found it before Alice did. Wonder what she would have done.


Shane ... could this be a biblical plague? I've to them too. But thankfully not as bad as you.

Terry Rush said...


They say that once goosed by a frog one subconsciously determines to live constipated for the rest of their lives. Not sure it's true...but may have understandable validity.


Shane Coffman said...

Terry -

If it had been a snake, that very well may have been my chosen course of action.