Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Engineering & Encouraging

One of the reasons I may possibly be a little scarce on here for the next couple of months is that we are in the process of recording a Memorial Drive Praise Team Christmas CD (yes, we're brainstorming a shorter title...). I'll share more information as we get closer to our release date goal of December 1.

But, for now, my job is engineering and encouraging. I work the computer to capture their voices, and encourage them in every way I can think of so it will be a positive experience.

Let's face it, if you've ever heard your singing recorded solo, with no instruments, reverb, or other effects, your first reaction was probably "UGH!"

Thus the need to be a skillful encourager.

Any tips on encouraging that you might share?


Brenda said...

Please somebody give him tips on encouraging before Friday morning! Yikes...by this post, I think I may not show up now! ;o)

Jeanise said...

Don't let them hear it until AFTER it's engineered. :)

Terry Rush said...

Record my voice. Let them hear themselves, then me, then themselves. They'll feel like Las Vegas pros!

I'm such an encourager that way....even my singing makes people feel better.

Brenda said...

I must say, Shane has a way of making you NOT feel terrible when you know it sounded like poop. Although, those long moments of silence where he is thinking don't always help. Makes you wonder seriously what he is thinking!!! He's either dying for saying "that's it...I give up"
Seriously though...it was a good experience, however, I'm losing my voice now. ;o)
I learned after today that I am my worst critic!