Thursday, September 20, 2007


Sometimes change is more appropriately measured in years, rather than in days or months.

And I need to remember that by God's watch, they're all just seconds.


Brenda said...

I think the cool thing is any change that happens, he not only knows the seconds...but he knows the seconds, days, and years BEFORE it happens. Talk about the psychic hotline huh? He's the first call anyone should be making in regard to change.

I was once told that when I am down and at my most vulnerable, don't make any changes in my life. Wait 30 days (when possible) pray about the decision, and then after 30 days, re-evaluate the decision I wanted to make and see if it seems right. God has taught me so many lessons in those 30 day time frames. That's why I have worked 3 months longer than I had planned. Those 30 day talks just coming up. And what seems like an ETERNITY to me...will be here before I know it. God is so good!


Shane ... excellent point!!!

You're a pretty smart fella for an Oklahoma guy :)