Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Blog-liners

Zoe was great last week. The trip was great with the small exception of the chicken ceasar salad from Wendy's on the way home. I'm still paying the price for that one. And it didn't taste nearly as good as Fat Moe's.

We lead best when we lead from the overflow of our own spiritual depth, not when we starve ourselves while trying to feed everyone else. Rest, silence, study and prayer are just as necessary to our work as meetings, organizing and brainstorming.

Car trouble is the number one area where I struggle with maintaining patience. As I write this, Alice's car is in the shop again. But, I've managed to remain calm and not start shopping for a new vehicle.

I have some thoughts to share regarding patience. But, you'll have to be patient.

Murphy's Law of Recording: When trying to finish recording a cd, expect sinus infections, headaches, and even whooping cough to infect many of your singers. (Whooping cough? Can you believe it?)

I went to a seminar yesterday titled "Dealing With Difficult People". I took a class at Zoe last week on conflict management and resolution. I expect to be hit with Satan's best shot soon.

It's a battle of two struggling football teams tomorrow. We decided against traveling to Lincoln this time for financial and logistical reasons, but I'm still sad I won't be there. Husker fans have always been courteous and friendly when we've visited wearing orange. That's more than I can say for some other places I've been.

This is an absolutely hilarious spoof on Gundy's outburst from a couple of weeks ago. And done by a car dealer from Norman, no less. See, I have a good sense of humor about such things.

Have a great weekend!



What a great commercial. They did a good job on the spoof. Made me laugh.

Theresa said...

"I have some thoughts to share regarding patience. But, you'll have to be patient."

In the famous words of Swiper the Fox... Awwwww MAN! :)

Mike Morton said...

I saw that commerical last weekend and about fell out of my chair laughing!

Conflict resolution... I wonder if the speaker that you listened to ever had to deal/mess with pyscho basketball parents?

Jeanise said...

Does Shane even know who Swiper the Fox is? (The Morton's do!)

Shane Coffman said...

Good call, Jeanise. I haven't a clue.

Brenda said...

Swiper....NO SWIPING! That's it! Now I know what we can get your for Christmas!
I would have to say...if Shane did know who Swiper was without having kids...I'd be a bit worried!