Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Neilsons!

We were a Neilson family this past week. Would any of you care to take a guess as to how many hours the TV was on in our house during the past week?

I think the number is somewhat skewed because we were off work on Thursday and Friday due to the holiday.

But, it's safe to say that I spent more time watching the TV in the past week than blogging, eh?

P.S. How many hours per week do you think your houshold watches TV?


Bren said...

You??? Watch TV? Say it isn't so! That I would have to see!!! If it were over a total week, I would guess your TV was on at least 1 hour per night.

For us..I would say that the TV is on more than we watch it.
I watch about 1-2 hours per day
Chad watches about 2 hours per day
The kids...well...WAY TOO MUCH! But most of their shows are only 30minutes...and after 15...they get bored with it and run and play. So it's hard to determine! But me...I could live without TV. It is too distracting for me.


I'm scared to know how much I watch, because I know it would make me say, "What? I don't watch that much." But I usually don't count things like ESPN as television.

So - how did it pan out for you?

Theresa said...

during basketball season... A LOT.

The rest of the time... maybe 2-3 hours a week.

We don't watch much. :)

Shane Coffman said...

Our set was on for 31 hours total during the week, however 10 of those were at times when we normally would be at work or other events that were cancelled due to the holiday week, and 15 of them were spent watching football.

After all, it was the last weekend of the regular season, and I had to watch OSU-OU, NU-CU, MU-KU, and LSU-Ark.

Trey, I like your idea, sports don't count as TV time. And I hope they never ask me to do a Neilson-type log of my computer time...

I think a typical, non-holiday, non-football/basketball season week would probably run closer to 8-10 hours total. However, since we've moved to Owasso I know there has at least been 1 week, perhaps 2 or 3, where we haven't had the TV on at all.

Theresa, 2-3 hours? Really? Do your kids not watch dvd's or educational shows?

Basketball season is here!

Theresa said...

my kids aren't really allowed to watch tv. Occasionally we watch movies, but even then... not often. They're in school during the day anyway. :)

I will admit that in the summer they watch more tv. :)

jpope1979 said...

I only watch TV before i go to bed. Most shows, if i like them, i end up buying on dvd. mind you its only been 3 or three series ive been interested in.

Overall i would say it would be about 2 hours or so a night, Usually watching "Dr Who" on sci-fi or some new episode of dirty jobs on discovery channel. Then i turn it to the contemporary Christian music channel and fall asleep to that.

How did you get to be a neilson?

This enquiring mind wants to know.

Shane Coffman said...

According to the Neilson folks, they select families at random, and it's rare to get asked more than once.

We must be lucky, because this is our second time in the past 10 years.

The funny part is you find yourself specifically NOT watching certain shows or newscasts because you don't want them getting credit!