Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Even the trees will bow down

We're all getting smarter by the day!

I always thought those remote controlled and flip-a-switch type gas fireplaces were cool. The down side is they don't provide heat without electricity. So my fireplace is producing as much heat as my home computer right now...none!

Living in a somewhat rural area is nice as far as being away from traffic and noise. However, when it comes to power restoration, they work on the more heavily populated areas first. So, we're preparing ourselves to possibly be displaced for another week or so. City life doesn't sound so bad now!

Seriously, we are doing fine. We have been able to sleep in a warm house / building every night and haven't gone hungry. Our church building is home to about 8 right now, which isn't a large number, but for those 8 it is important.

My thoughts and prayers are still with the victim's families from the mall shooting in Omaha. As well with the church shooting in Colorado.

Blessed be Your Name
when the store's shelves are plentiful
when the streams of gasoline flow
Blessed be Your Name

Blessed be Your Name
when I'm found in a frozen place
Tho I walk via flashlight
Blessed be Your Name!


Theresa said...

Heehee! You should sooooo go to Braums with us and sing to the people there. :)

Brenda said...

Yeah, we totally make up songs like that. You seem to be really good at it!!!

Amy Paden said...

The pictures are so pretty. I love the way ice looks. But I have to say I'm thankful we've had 3 days of rain instead of ice.