Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Never thought I'd say that

Power was restored to our place between Saturday night and Sunday morning, bringing our total outage time to a few hours short of one week. I know plenty of others who are still waiting for their power to return, so the job is not done.

I've actually been enjoying having to stop at red traffic lights. Traffic moves so much faster at busy intersections with lights than stop signs.

I also don't mind roads being down to one lane due to power trucks and tree trimming. It's a sign of progress.

It was nice to be awakened by my cat at 4:45 a.m. the first morning back in the house. He just wanted to purr in my face and let me know he was glad we were home.

The sound of generators has been replaced with the sound of chain saws.

Instead of raking up the leaves this year, we'll be removing entire branches. That means fewer leaves for next year, too.

Indeed, this will be a December to remember.

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Glad you're getting back to some normalcy. We've thought about you guys a bunch.

The Christmas CD rocks!!!