Monday, February 11, 2008

I Prayed Today...

I prayed today for new life preparing to break into the world, and for those broken by life that ended too soon.

I prayed today for those who find themselves in the cold - physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

I prayed today for the broken, weary, and wounded, confident that Giver of strength and supply has not run dry.

I prayed today for those facing the fear of the unknown, asking for sufficient grace to allow them to live at peace in the moment.

What did you pray for today?


Jeanne said...

I prayed for strength and peace for a family letting go of such a young life. As J.J.'s casket was opened his little 4 year old sister began to cry and call out, "I want my brother! I want to see my brother!" It was unbearable for all who were there. I prayed for her peace and understanding. That God would ease her sorrow for her lost playmate, defender, protector, and friend.

JD said...

I've been praying for one of our elders who is living through a health scare with little answer ... and for God to give me strength with a struggle I cannot seem to shake.

Brenda said...

I prayed for Chad.
I prayed for my kids.
I prayed for Craig and Amanda for a safe delivery. I prayed for a man I saw sleeping under a bridge. It is so cold outside and my heart just sank when I saw him.
I prayed for decisions I must make regarding my future. I prayed for my spirit...that it not be broken.