Monday, March 17, 2008

Telling the Story

Craig Hicks brought the story of Jesus alive to those who gathered at the Memorial Drive Church of Christ yesterday morning.

Paul wrote in his second letter to the Corinthians (14:12), "Since you are eager to have spiritual gifts, try to excel in gifts that build up the church."

Friends, Craig has the gift of story-telling and communicating. He used that gift to build up the church yesterday by telling the story from the triumphal entry into Jerusalem to the empty tomb. Craig held the attention of all, even down to the babies (based on actual reports from parents...).

Here's an idea for all of you worship planners out there: Find your most gifted story-teller, and give them the time to simply tell the story of Jesus. Not to preach the story - just to tell the story. Not to simply read the story, but to tell the story. Describe the scene. Help us feel the emotions. Point out the things we've missed due to our years of dull reading. Draw us in. Let us see through the eyes of those who experienced it first hand.

This isn't something new and radical. You can't go wrong telling the story of Jesus. It's still as fresh and powerful after a couple thousand years as it was in the second century.

We left with a new appreciation for our Savior, and a new confidence and faith in our God. We will be more worshipful all week because of the images brought to mind yesterday.

Thank you, Craig, for using your gift to the glory of God. You are a blessing to us!


Telling the Story, Part 1
The story: The Triumphal Entry

Clap Your Hands
Victory Chant

Welcome, Announcements
Prayer for Offering

What the Lord Has Done in Me
One Day v1

Telling the Story, Part 2
The stories: Washing Feet, Last Supper, The Garden
Background: Make Me a Servant, Come Share the Lord, Night With Ebon Pinion

Prayer for Bread

Telling the Story, Part 3
The story: The Cross
Background: The Old Rugged Cross

One Day v2

Prayer for Cup

Telling the Story, Part 4
The story: Resurrection morning
Background: Arise, My Love

One Day v3,4

Dismiss Kids to Bible Hour

Because We Believe

"Bigger Belief" – Terry Rush

One Day v5
When We All Get to Heaven

Shepherd’s Prayer




Sure heard good things about this. Got a video or podcast? As my 6 year old would say, "Craig has skills."

Shane Coffman said...

All of our Sunday am assemblies are available on dvd. We charge $5 to help offset the cost of the original tapes, dvd blanks, labels, etc.

We post our sermons on our web page, but since this has some music in the background, we can't legally put this portion on there.

Terry Rush said...

An outstanding morning, Shane. Craig was awesome and you were, too. It was your creativity which allowed the morning to bloom!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shane. Your lack of ego and heart for the Lord make it happen for us. You and Alice are taking us to a good place.
love ya,

Mike Morton said...

So how long does this assembly end up lasting? :-) Don't know if we could make that in time with the new 'format' and all. ha ha

Shane Coffman said...

I guess it all depends on your story-teller and your sermonator.

We went right at 90 minutes, which is our average.