Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random Fact Tag

I've been tagged by Franklin...I'm supposed to share seven random facts about me, and then ask others to do the same...

So, here's some randomity:

1. I'm up to chapter 13 in reading The Shack. I think my next one in cue is Everything Must Change, by Brian McLaren. I recently finished Simple Church.

2. I replaced the light bulb in the garage fixture today. It has been out for a few weeks. Yes, I said weeks.

3. I need to renew my season football tickets to OSU tomorrow or Thursday. I don't know why I can't seem to remember to do that during their business hours...

4. OK...I'm brave enough to let it be known...my celebrity crush is Julia Stiles.

(What, like you don't have one?)

5. I've tried letting my hair grow a little longer, but I really prefer keeping it short on top and buzzed on the sides. And I wouldn't mind shaving it all off again, either, but then I would have to put up with the bald worship minister jokes.

6. I have never broken a bone in my body.

7. I love green beans, but I hate green peas. Oh, and I love the color green.

OK, I tag Jonathan and Amy. Maybe these still-newlyweds will learn something about each other in their random facts!

P.S. - I just noticed I was also tagged by Karen. Didn't mean to overlook you, Karen - I just happened to notice Franklin's tag first, so he got credit!


Amy Paden said...

I will let the husband know he has been tagged. He doesn't have time to follow blogs the way I do! ;-)

I really want to read Everything Must Change. I've had the book since February. I actually bought it for JP, but I'll read it before he does. It's going to be the first book I read when the quarter is over

jamie riley said...

Shane - I now feel as though I've known you all my life... :)

OK, so I enjoyed your response to being tagged...and I'm proud of you for coming clean about the crush.

Have a great night...hope you're feeling well!

Karen said...

I have The Shack on my hold list at the library. I need to see if they have Simple Church too.

And regarding that question you asked me... we haven't fully decided yet where we'll settle down, but Omaha is definitely in the running. We may have longer to decide than I originally thought, as hubby may end up staying in the Air Force a little longer than the planned 20 years.

John said...

I have my own problems with not being sure what to do with one's hair. I've been trying to let mine grow out just a tad (but not too much), but then it can get pretty annoying sometimes.

I also, for the record, have never broken any bones.

The NFL rant I was going for was Jim Mora back when he was coach of the Colts: the one where he goes: "You're talking about playoffs? I just hope we can win a game!!" Correct on the Iverson rant, of course.

So, both the Suns and the Mavs were eliminated tonight. I'm rooting for the Hornets now for the rest of the playoffs. Hopefully CP3 can do some serious damage, though they are playing the Spurs next, which could be trouble.

Shane Coffman said...

Ah, yes, John, now I remember the Jim Mora rant. Just needed a little prodding of the memory.

Karen - I recommend retiring somewhere, uh, warmer, than Omaha... ; ) But that's just me.

Jamie - You can find even more random information about me here:



Soon, NOTHING will be secret anymore! Augh!


I love the random facts stuff. I learned so much about you. I'm good with the green beans too.

As for the haircut, I'd sure like in on the Bald Worship Minister jokes. Just don't call down any She Bears.