Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Review

I didn't plan to be gone all week...really. But, in case you were wondering, here's the highlights:

I went to a chiroprator on Tuesday. Discovered that I have not 1, not 2, but 3 pinched nerves at the top of my spine. We'll be working on those for the next couple of months. These past 4 days of treatment have certainly helped my neck and shoulders feel better, however the fingers, wrists, knees and ankles are still swollen and stiff by the evenings.

Both the Owasso Community Choir and our Memorial Drive Praise Team sang at the Owasso Baptist Retirement Village last night. We were their "fine dining entertainment" for the evening. It was a great opportunity to encourage one of our most special couples from Memorial Drive, General and Bernadine Gillespie. They are obviously well-loved at the Retirement Center as well.

We're headed to Stillwater today to catch the OSU-KU baseball game. Should be absolutely PERFECT weather. And, OSU is climbing up the rankings...#13 at last check. They've won 3 series in a row. Maybe, just maybe, they can make it back to the College World Series in Omaha this year for the first time since 2001.


John said...

Well, OSU managed to complete the sweep of KU! Looks like they are playing pretty well right now. Hopefully they can make it to Omaha!

Continuing with sports thoughts... I'm excited that Felix Jones was drafted by Dallas! As for the NBA, I'm watching game 4 of the Pistons-76ers series... Detroit is looking underwhelming right now. They are in real danger of going down 3-1 to Philly. The Sixers are getting almost all of the loose balls and just look like they are out hustling Detroit. The Celtics were pretty underwhelming themselves last night against Atlanta.

Mike Morton said...

COULD YOU BELIEVE THE HAWKS LAST NIGHT??!?!?!?!! Good for them, but that was just a BAD/POOR showing by America's Team. :-) They'd better get it together and take the next 2 games.
Hope you guys had fun at the baseball game.
Hope you're feeling better!

preacherman said...

You are in my prayers brother.
Hang in there!
God will bless and be with you as you heal.

jamie riley said...

Shane - it sounds as though you've been busy...I'm thankful the treatments have helped your neck and shoulders. I'm praying you'll be free of this soon.

Congrats on being the "fine dining entertainment." It sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

you are a blessing to us...

BTW - Good luck with the OSU baseball team!