Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tulsa Workshop #3

Pics from Workshop Wednesday at Memorial Drive.

It was a packed house, including the balcony. Excitement was in the air. I'd have to say that Workshop Wednesday is becoming one of my most favorite parts about the Workshop gatherings.

Thanks to Keith Lancaster (and his camera assistant for the night, Warren McNeill from LCU - great guy!) and John Dobbs for the pictures.

You can see a ton more pics here.


Brenda said...

This night was just AMAZING!

jamie riley said...

Hey Shane,
I've been lurking on your blog from time to time, and always enjoy you sharing your heart here. I've wanted to comment, but often time is an issue...hopefully I can do better about fitting times like this into my day more often.

I enjoyed this post - it's always amazing to be lost in worship, and though I didn't make it to the worship at Memorial on Wednesday, it's obvious it was a blessed time.
I can tell you this…the times of worship at the Workshop were a great blessing to me and all who were there, and I really appreciate it.
I hope all is well with your health - I'll continue praying for you – as so many others are doing – and trust God to take good care of you. With him on your side, and those folks at Memorial looking out for you, as well as your wife and children, I’m sure you’re in good hands.

BTW – it was really good to meet and visit with you on Saturday morning – thanks for all your work for the Kingdom.

Terry Rush said...

It's over a week old and still fun to think about, huh friend?

Mike Morton said...

So what's up with the 2 different colored shirts?

preacherman said...

I want to thank you for sharing with us how blessed a week it was for all who attended. You have a such a wonderful talent brother. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing and making a difference in the Kingdom of God.
In Him,
Kinney Mabry

Shane Coffman said...

Breanda, it was indeed. And thanks for being at my right side to make sure I didn't keel over during the course of the night ; )

Jamie, it was great to meet you and your crew as well! Thanks for your prayers.

Terry, I'm still loving every moment - even the painful ones.

Mike, the green shirts are our "standard" Memorial Drive t-shirts. The blue ones are for Terry's new dvd set titled "100% Natural Evangelism".

Kinney, thank you so much for your constant encouragement! You have a gift, my friend! I hope to get to meet you some day, and pray that your health continues to strengthen as well.

Keith Lancaster said...


It's great to see you growing in your role in leading God's people!

Keith L.