Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tulsa Workshop #5

So, if you were in charge of coordinating the evening worship sessions at the 2009 Tulsa Workshop, what would they look like? Who would you invite to lead? What would you do differently than has been done in the past? If you haven't been attending, what would it take to get you there?

I'd love your thoughts.


Amy Paden said...

Free plane tickets? lol An 11.5 hour drive (one way) is a big factor in us not being there. We are definitely trying to make plans to be there next year.

During the last week, after all the posts about Workshop that we have seen, we have both been like "man... we should have gone!" This year it didn't work out because our one year anniversary was the weekend before, so we were out of town for that.

Anonymous said...

more keith lancaster and congregational the praise teams too!

Franklin Wood said...

I think using Watershed Worship would be GREAT for drawing in a younger crowd.
Also, don't know if you can use video clips (a la Bluefish TV) or something like that during worship times. Or even like a moving background while we silently pray together.
I like the idea of getting to know your neighbors! That was good. And, as always, we enjoyed the worship teams. Too many songs, so little time!
You're doing awesome, Shane. Keep it up, and we'll do our best to keep coming!

Mike Morton said...

Free babysitting! :-)

preacherman said...

Just a thought I would include emerging style worship into the service. Just my thoughts.
I want you to know you are constantly in my prayers brother.
I pray God will bless you and your voice, ministry as you make a difference in the Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Shane, ask Terry if he has the e-mail I sent to him in regard to my suggestions for workshop ... I doubt he kept it but I'm not sure I can re-compose it. I think you need to keep the current workshop crowd in mind. It is tempting to plan in order to attract a different crowd ... and I think there can be an element of that ... but ultimately the ones who come year after year are your core crowd. Plan with them in mind. Ask them to share the message and bring others with them. I will be trying to bring a crew from Monroe next year, Lord willing. I would ask Patrick Mead NOW to come ... and please give him an hour by himself ... he's too rich to share his time. (Nothing against Josh Graves, who is also very rich - but neither could give their all in that setting.) As for the singing I have a few suggestions. I prefer the worship teams to the performance teams. I love everyone's talents and their use but some groups tend to lead worship, others tend to perform. I think your group is perfect and should lead every night, if you ask me. I also PERSONALLY (not everyone may agree) wish we would leave behind those 1980s worship choruses that were so new and fun back then but now pale in comparison to the newer deeper praise music being written. I love the hymns ... but most of us sing those all the time at our home churches. Let us break loose with some modern and popular worship songs - you guys did a great job with that. I also liked the solo last year and this year ... ministered to my heart. I think it's good for us to listen from time to time. And just for the record, singing O Lord Our Lord at Tulsa Workshop was about as out of place as it could be. Again, my opinion ... but that sapped the spirit right out of me. I'm sure for some others it surged the Spirit within them... so I'm being cautious to say that these are just my thoughts. Thanks for asking.

Oh, and I liked the suggestions about using the media in a fuller and richer way.

Taylor said...

More Jerome & Free Indeed! I love the praise team leading also. You did a great job this year & I have no doubt that God will lead you to make next year even better!


I'll steal from John Dobbs ...

1 - Ask Patrick Mead NOW to come ... and please give him an hour by himself ... he's too rich to share his time.

2 - And I too like the worship teams that lead us in worship. I want to take part in the worship not just listen.

3 - It's hard to improve on prefection.

Anonymous said...

Trey wrote:

3 - It's hard to improve on prefection.

The irony is just too big to ignore!

drjimwhite said...

After you pray about it, do what you feel you should do. It's obvious that regardless of what you do someone will probably (no, they will) disagree. So just do what you feel that God leads you to do. I'll support you 100%.

Keith Roberts said...


Our group has been coming from Calhoun, La for over two decades. (I guess we're part of the "core crowd" John Dobbs mentioned.)

As for improvements, I asked myself, "What keeps us coming back year after year, despite all the transitions the Workshop has experienced?"

The Workshop lets us experience yearly some of the best we have to offer as a people... a sampling of the best preachers and teachers, the best worship, and the best books, tapes, resources, etc.

Besides that, it's like a family reunion. We get to hear what other churches are experiencing and what is working.

All of this inspires us to go back home and do a better job of being His people and reaching others.

So, what would we like to see next year. Maximize the "meat" in teaching and speaking sessions, and minimize the latest "fads".

Sometimes the fads catch on and become part of our church life, but usually they fizzle and we go back to the meat of His Word to get us through and inspire us to dream big.

By the way, thanks for asking for our input.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard Chris Lindsey lead worship? He is in Watershed Worship, but I know that he also does solo worship leading. We have worshipped with him at Winterfest in Gatlinburg, TN and have experienced truly deep, meaningful worship during those sessions.... the "spiritual feel" of Tulsa years ago when we were attending the evening sessions. His youthful presence and energy plus his knowledge of the newest songs would be such a boost to the evening worship.

jamie riley said...

I’m always thankful for the Tulsa Workshop – worship, classes, and the fellowship…it really is great! It’s comes along at the right time, and it gives the opportunity to encourage and be encouraged. I’m also thankful that you have invited our comments on the worship times of the workshop – that’s very generous on your part –thanks.

When it comes to input I don’t really have much to add that hasn’t been said already…the comments to this post are great. The one thing I would say is this – when it comes to worship, the horizontal songs do a lot more for my heart. The vertical songs have their place…I just think that when we sing directly to God, it gets us to a place that singing about him can’t. It’s the same in any relationship…if I tell you I love my wife that’s great! But when I express my love to her, we get even closer.

I realize both have their place…but worship to me, is a time when we communicate to him, about him.
Anyway, that’s what I have for you.

I’ll be praying for you bro, I know the worship in 09 and beyond (if 09 and beyond is given to us) will be just that – worship – Great Worship! We believe in you and those who put this workshop together…thanks for letting us be part of it.

Hope and pray you’re doing better…

Shane Coffman said...

Thanks to all for your thoughts. Keep them coming!

I attended the Workshop for 14 years before I became a part of the leadership. I sense my perspective has changed greatly from position A to position B. I'm asking for your thoughts because I want to be able to objectively evaluate from both sides. You help make sure that I'm not experiencing tunnel vision becasue of my own personal biases. I recognize that this event isn't to serve me or my preferences, but to serve others and point them to God.

So, thanks to all for taking the time to reply, and even more so for taking the time and expense to come to the Workshop! You are a great blessing!

brad giddens said...


Great job this year! I'll just offer these bits of constructive criticism, knowing how difficult it is to put something like this together every year for such a diverse crowd. We have been 18 years straight and don't plan on ever missing, even though now we are as far away as we have ever been (11 hours from Valparaiso, IN).

1. The tag team approach sometimes seems a bit canned and scripted, which I know it would have to be to pull something like that off. The playful bantering is fun, but for preaching purposes it seems better to let one guy get up there and pour his heart into the message without having to worry about who says what and when, etc. I don't think each speaker gets the time to really get warmed up and wound up, if you know what I mean. If my memory serves me correctly, and this is only my opinion of course, the team thing has not really produced any truly memorable evening messages, unlike the past when a Walling, Beam, etc. would have the whole time to themselves and could really craft a message.

2. Zoe was awesome! Use them all you can.

3. Getting all the area preachers involved I guess is a good thing, but each one of them seems to want to preach and it really makes for a long evening.

4. The Powerpoint, video problems were a huge distraction this year and previous years. I'm not sure why all the problems there, but it shouldn't be that hard.

Hey, I still love the workshop and plan on bringing a huge crowd from here next year. God bless your hard work, Shane. I think the Workshop is in good hands for the future. God bless!

Anonymous said...

I miss the Acappella concert on Saturday!!!!!

Drew Battistelli said...

First let me say I thought you guys did an amazing job...

#1 - the SOUND must be better, it was really bad. i mean really bad. Please allow Free Indeed productions to mix & set sound for that event, they are MUCH better for ALL the praise teams than what the mixers did in 2008. No offense to anyone, but when you're working on a cappella singing for 7,000 people you need to KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING with a cappella singing and Free Indeed's mixer is AMAZING! And he's awesome to work with any group.

#2 - I think it was appropriate to do what you did each night, but I think in 2007 it was a better mix of the 30 minutes before worship... The groups didn't have "unity" as in 2007. Outsource this time to be planned by someone else...

#3 - Use the spaces better. North Central Park should be host to "THE ARTS"... all day having opportunities to hear different worship groups, dance groups, visit art exhibits set up, and have an "emergent worship" type area that is available at all times.

There needs to be some late night options that start 30 minutes after LARGE session ends. Even if it's something different. Maybe an instrumental gathering? and possibly something like a coffee house prayer time or something.

I loved the prayer garden, please keep it!

I'd love to see Chris Lindsey lead worship with a team of people, his friends & people from Rochester. It's great to know that Memorial can contribute musicians, but see if Memorial would be willing to lead at 11am on Saturday, so that other people get an option that people don't get to hear yearly or weekly. You all sounded great, but it'd be nice to see Chris lead part of Friday Night with Keith.

Bring back the performance stage for the singing groups in the quicktrip center. I did not like going booth to booth, no one can ever get their music across... But put the booth in the middle somewhere, kinda where The Acappella Company is usually located. And possibly allow music groups who are performing to have a set rate for this "area" so they can afford ($300) to be there and around the same area to show support for each other.

Allow Shades of Green to come back (even though they are instrumental, i think it was very rude to make comments about no instruments when THEY & SALIENT WERE THE ONLY ONES!)

Broaden the horizon of leaders and coordinators OUTSIDE of Memorial & OUTSIDE of Tulsa... Wanna make it International get coordinators for ALL OVER, start reaching outside the state, then moving across this continent and each year your base will move up.

*** Is there anyway to make 2010 a GLOBAL event? Maybe we can start reaching out now to get missionaries (ESPECIALLY THEM) and some families to start getting sponsors to come to this event. Put out the date super early and plan 2 years in advance... Try to reach continents and have a dedicated team on getting donations to pay for flights for missionaries & families from foreign countries.

I don't know why we couldn't raise $150,000 to help pay 1/2 of people's plane tickets. WE CAN GET SOME DEALS through Free Indeed's travel agency I bet...

I want the International Soul Winning Workshop to GO GLOBAL.