Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Thoughts

It's green day in honor of the Boston Celtics! Woo hoo!

Lipscomb's Summer Celebration and Acafest are just 2 weeks away!

I have been off my medications for joint pain for 1 week!

I've already lost a couple of pounds!

I get to work at Memorial Drive!

My wife overflows with sweetness!

I get to see Phantom of the Opera next week!

What are your happy thoughts today?


Amy Paden said...

I get to see good friends from TN in 11 days, AND I get to see even more friends in 14 days!

Jonathan starts a "new" job in July-switching from being a contracted to the AF base, to being a civilian employee at the base- yay for job security!

My school work that is due next week is almost done.

And my in-laws are in town this weekend.

Amy Paden said...

oh! and I bought yarn today- that always makes me happy! lol

Shane Coffman said...

It's always nice when you can include seeing your in-laws in a comment about happy thoughts!

; )

Linda L said...

I get to work with my wonderful husband three days a week!
My house is clean and laundry is just about caught up!
I got to talk to my daughter yesterday!
I'm about half-way finished with my latest knitting project! Amy, are you a knitter?
Summer Celebration less than 2 weeks away!

Amy Paden said...

Shane- I can't complain if they come to visit us, because that means we don't have to shell out over $800 for roundtrip tickets to DC! (Plus there's the whole, it's my house, my rules thing, so that helps out. jonathan's family is fond of sitting at the dining room table for hours after a meal, when there are comfortable couches 10 feet away!) Plus they are on the way to OKC, so it also means I don't have to pay for shipping on my nephew's birthday preset. My in-laws are nice people, sometimes, i almost wish they lived closer!

Linda- Yes, I'm a self-taught knitter. I'm addicted and I've only been doing it since February

Brenda said...

I am not working today!

My husband is a fabulous man that loves me dearly!

I have been pain free for 3 days.

The older I get, the better my friends get!

I get to sing on Sunday!

I'm excited to go to Nashville!

Property value on my house went up!

I have a much anticipated appt on Friday!

I too am going to Phantom of the Opera next week!

I'm excited to take another trip to Bentonville soon.

And really, I didn't think I had many happy thoughts today....but I really do! That makes me happy!