Tuesday, July 01, 2008

True Love Waits?

I've started reading the book, "He Loves Me", by Wayne Jacobsen. In chapter 4 he discusses the story of the lost son and the loving father found in Luke 15, one that we've all heard a million times. But he makes an interesting observation that I had never before considered:

"Isn't it amazing how at each point in the story this father acts completely opposite of how we would expect a loving father to act? He never should have given him an early inheritance, especially not to such an irresponsible son. He shouldn't have stood by while his son wasted away. And certainly he shouldn't have welcomed him home so extravagantly without making him pay for his stupidity. His actions make no sense at all, unless he wanted something more for his son than mere responsible behavior."

How many times do we think we are doing the loving thing...yet in reality we are only pushing people farther and farther away? We so badly want to save them from going down a path that we know leads to pain, yet our lectures simply cement their desire to run full speed ahead.

Perhaps the truly loving thing to do is simply to patiently pray and wait for them to return home, and be ready for an all-out celebration when that day comes.


Danna said...

Thanks for stepping on my toes. I needed to hear that!

Have a great time in Music City!

Jeanne said...

Great post Shane! We learned a little of this lesson with our oldest son when well meaning friends and people who genuinely loved us were telling us "tough love" was the way to handle him. We kept praying and searching the scriptures and "tough love" just wasn't what God was revealing to us as the way to cope with the struggle. I'm not saying we did it perfectly because we made so many mistakes; however, today by the grace of God we still have relationship – good relationship with our son. May God be praised!!!! It has forever changed how I deal with relationships! Thanks for the reminder of valuable lessons learned that are all too easy to forget!