Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Facts...again

I've had a sore throat for a few days. Not sure exactly what is wrong, but it's done some great things for my low range. I actually hit a low A this morning. For you non-music geeks, that would be this note:

Speaking of low rumbles...

They announced the nickname for the new Oklahoma City NBA team the other day. They will be known as the "Thunder". Why do I forsee the Garth Brooks song "The Thunder Rolls" being played at the end of every game?

I'm always a little hesitant to use ice from one of those chest-type ice makers. I think it's because I still remember my high school gym teachers warning us not to use the ice from the locker room ice maker because the football players put their feet in it...

Finally, friend and fellow low-rumbling bass Larry White's weekly bulletin cartoon, The Flock, is absolutely hilarious this week:


Brenda said...

That's not a note. That's a freak of nature!

You and your feet!!! Sheesh! Do you know, the health department banned those ice makers from schools because of all the germs that they found in them. They've now allowed them back in, but only in certain areas. The football locker is one of them!!!

I love the flock! Larry does such an inceredible job each week bringing us such great humor.

preacherman said...

I love the cartoon.
Had a great laugh.
I really needed it tonight.

I want you to know that you are in my prayers.
I hope your sore throat gets better.
I hope you have a great weekend Shane!

Tammy said...

Now you have given every boy at church the idea! No more ice from there for me!

Impressive note!

I have one of Larry's cartoons hanging in my office..."Tracks are qued, mics equalized, screen's in focus. Bring up the video for the first song...'Gimme That Old Time Religion!"

We have such a neat family!

Shane Coffman said...

It appears I spoke too soon...hitting a full step lower this morning (G's).

I want a sing-off with Wes McKinzie today!

I may have to lead tomorrow a la Rodney Britt...singing 2 octaves lower than the sopranos.

Mike Morton said...

I'm foreseeing the AC/DC song... "THUNDERSTRUCK"!

Linda L said...

Wow, Shane, I'm impressed with the low tones!

Yeah, Rick told me they've outlawed putting open-bin ice makers in hotels too. Makes me cringe to think what gets put in them!

I especially liked "The Flock" this morning too!

Have a good week, and hope your throat gets better!!