Monday, November 10, 2008

The Thunder Rolls

(I know, bad, bad pun...and they didn't really even win, so it doesn't quite fit...)

We took in our first Oklahoma City Thunder NBA game last night. They ended up losing to the Hawks, but it was a good, close game.

I grew fond of the Hornets when they were in OKC. Chris Paul and David West were great players and fun to watch, and then there was the human-interest side of their displacement from New Orleans due to the hurricane. I don't feel that same connection to the Thunder, but it's early. Kevin Durant is certainly talented, and they had a couple of other players who stood out, but I'm not ready to buy a t-shirt just yet...


preacherman said...

I don't know much about the Thunder. My favorite NBA team is the San Antonio Spurs. The guys on the team are extremely classy. A few of them even have been baptized by Max Lucado and Tim Robbinson. So several of the team worship at Oak Hill Church. I think that is great I will though try to look into the thunker and see how they are as a team. Thanks for letting us know.

weswaugh said...

I've obviously been in Atlanta too long. I was happy when I heard the Hawks beat the Thunder. We (yes, I said "we") are still undefeated this season.

It's a shame that the Thunder have to try to compete in the Western Conference. It's loaded. They won't sniff the playoffs for several years. If they played in the Southeast or Central division, they could have a shot at the playoffs this year.

It's great to see Oklahoma get a major pro sports team. Oklahomans have always turned out to support their teams: from college ball, to the Hornets, to the Redhawks...even hockey. I would've loved to see T. Boone buy the Buffalo Bills or the Brewers and move them to OKC or Tulsa. (But I guess there's not much chance of that now. At least until the windmill profits start rolling in.)