Sunday, December 21, 2008

Peanuts Praise Team

As one of our Christmas cards we sent out this year, I chose the Peanuts crew singing Christmas carols.

Which led me to consider...from among our team, who's who in this picture?


Here's my take (and this may get me in some trouble):

Lucy - Has to be Brenda ; )
Linus - I think that's me
Peppermint Patti - Vicki...or Tammy...or Amy.
Schroeder - Wes
Charlie Brown - Wayne
Snoopy - Chris
Marci - Lindsay
Sally - Cori or Hannah
Woodstock - John

So, fellow teamers, what do you think? Have fun, and Merry Christmas!

P.S. If you don't have your card yet, don't worry. We still have a pile to mail tomorrow : )


Brenda said...! Well...okay! Looks pretty good to me. But..I have no idea how I relate to Lucy since I have never watched Peanuts. So...tomorrow, I will go and rent the movie and see what I think. I hear I am missing out on so much by not seeing these characters. But according to 2 other sources, you are dead on about me and Lucy. I guess we're tight! ;o)

Lindsay said...

Oh, come on, Shane! Brenda is WAY more fun than Lucy! ;-)

And if you're Linus, where's your blanket? I would love to see you drag a security blanket around the church building. ;-)

Linda L said...

Yep, I'd say Brenda is Lucy! Watch out for the five knuckle sandwich, Shane! I would say I'm like the red haired little girl, but she's not on the card! Oh well. I think I'm a lot like Snoopy too. I love to listen to classical music and dance ;) Check out Rick's facebook jib jab. It's pretty funny...

Brenda said...

Linus isn't BALD! ;O)

Mike Morton said...

I would have picked you as a Linus, too. Merry Christmas my friend!

your sis said...

Lindsay, no security blanket, but he used to take a purple cow everywhere until the poor thing was beheaded. I guess it was given to me as a gift but I didn't really like it and Shane did. :-) But you never know, maybe he'll start dragging an OSU blanket around the church building. :-)

Brenda said...

Now that I have seen the show:

Peppermint Patti= Tammy & Amy
Schroeder = Wes or even Rick
Charlie Brown = Yes! WAYNE!
Snoopy = ha! yeah Chris! or Jean!
Marci = Totally agree Lindsay!
Sally =Oh has to be Vicki!!!
Woodstock = Cori or Hannah
Lucy = Agreed!
Linus = Totally agree! ;o)

Wonder how much we could pay your sister for a picture of you and that purple cow??
He does indeed have an OSU blanket!