Saturday, January 24, 2009


Alice thinks that a cat's "Meow" might be the equivalent of us saying, "Dude."

I think she's on to something. What do you think?


Brenda said...

Could be! Was it meow, meow?, or MMMEEEOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!

Theresa said...

the way my cats say it... definitely. They're all, "Meow! Have you checked the food bowl? 'Cause, Meow! It's totally not quite empty but might be soon and if you don't fill it up RIGHT NOW, meow, I might leap on your head and smother you in your sleep."

preacherman said...

We have a neighborhood cat that comes and meows at us in the morning when I take the kids to school and is there at the house when we get home. I know that cat's meow is definately "Dude".
I totally have to agree with your wife on this one. :-)
I hope you have a great week brother.

weswaugh said...