Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Million Dollar Question

During my nap today, I dreamed that our long lost relatives had significant money that had been unclaimed, and now was ours. Suddenly, Alice and I found ourselves with a million dollars.

How would I spend my million?

How would I handle the greed of those who come out of nowhere asking for my money?

How would I handle my own greed?

Would I be able to be as disciplined in reality as I was in my daydreaming?

They say you can tell a lot about a person by looking at how they spend their money.

What would YOU do with a million?


Tammy said...

Pete and I have already discussed this...but know that the odds are against us. We would try to remain unknown and give out money to people anonymously. We have several areas we would like to 'support' without them knowing it, if only we had the funding...

Brenda said...

I would buy wireless mics! ;o)

I can't say my answer would be much different than the Bower's. But I know I wouldn't quit my job like some that we hear about. I would really want to bless someone with it somehow. I like to do things for others without them knowing as well. That is our biggest treat every year at Christmas. Blessing someone we know without them knowing it is us. So I'm with Tammy!
I would probably do all the normal things too like pay off debt, maybe move, maybe take a vaction, and go see some family we don't get to see. But mostly, giving it away is such a better gift.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that I would probably not do what I said, since I have not been blessed with a million dollars.

I have entered the Amazing Race several times. I figure I either couldn't handle the million dollars or the competition would be too much and I would be a bad example for Christ. Either way I'm still waiting on a call back for the past two seasons.


Yes I would give the money away but in reality I would probably buy more CD's then I could shake a stick at with a surround sound system and a home theater that was impressive and a new Ford F-150 to spur the economy and to use for ministry, all for ministry mind you.

Shane Coffman said...

My current intentions would be to set aside about $250,000 for the purpose of giving away as I feel led (and yes, anonymously as possible), pay off my current debts (house and one car), and try to be wise with the rest - a little for immediate spending, a lot for investing in the future.

Do I have the discipline to stick with that and not just blow through it all in a couple of years? I'd like to think so, but then again I know myself too well...

Draw your own conclusions I guess about what that says about me.

Thanks for your honesty, newheights. I have a feeling we're a lot alike in this area.

preacherman said...

I would of course buy the house we are living in now. Pay of school loans. I would preach and teach where even I wanted for free. I would enjoy God blessings by trying to make other peoples lives better by being a blessing myself.

Great post Shane.
I am looking forward to reading your blog in 2009.
I hope and pray you have a wonderful year.