Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Things I Believe...Part 1

I believe this world and universe has a Creator. You and I and this computer did not randomly happen.

I believe that Creator is so perfect that His very nature cannot be around imperfection. Sort of like OCD, but in a good way.

I believe that Creator loves His creation so much that when imperfection crept into it, the Creator needed a way to make it perfect again. Because of His perfection, He just couldn’t bring Himself to simply give up.

I believe that Creator chose to become one of us, willingly took on all our imperfections, and covered them with His perfection. I don’t understand why it had to be accomplished that specific way, but I trust He was smart enough to know His options and choose the best route.

I believe that Creator invites us to participate in relationship with Him with the understanding that He is the One who makes us perfect again, we cannot do it ourselves. Try as we might to get it right, the truth is that we’ll eventually mess it up again.

I believe that was a very unselfish and loving act by the Creator. He could have just wiped us out and started over.

I choose to agree to those terms of relationship and live in gratitude to Him. It’s not a life of tedious rule-keeping in fear of an angry God who is looking for a reason to zap me.


Franklin Wood said...

Hey, I was thinking about you last night, bro. God bless you as you prepare to lead us into His presence at the Workshop. Don't stress!

freetolive said...

loved this Shane!

Terry Rush said...


My friend, you are a good learner and a growing disciple.

How fun to work beside you!

Robin Brannon said...

I believe you are correct, Shane! Hope to hang with you at the Workshop this year. Many blessings!

Brenda said...

Good Stuff!

Matt Lee said...

what a wonderful way of stating your beliefs

preacherman said...

I can't wait until you post part 2 brother. Great post!

Clarissa said...