Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twas the Night Before Workshop

Twas the night before Workshop
and all through the Fairgrounds
the workers were preparing
for the sights and the sounds

The speakers were hung
from the ceiling with care
for the sounds of God's praise
would soon fill the air

For tomorrow, what to our
wondering eyes will appear
but thousands of people
from afar and from near

Buying cd's, buying books
buying jewelry and subscriptions
Studying Matthew, studying Mark
studying Romans and Philippians

So, from Terry and the Boys
we wish for you tonight
great encouragement and fellowship
and a Workshop that's out of sight!

See you at the Fairgrounds! ; )


Brenda said...

Very Cute!

Linda L said...

Ha ha! My first thought when I read "the speakers were hung..." was of our workshop Speaker (as in people). I was thinking that sounded kind of gruesome. Forgive me, my brain is kind of fried from spending 19 hours on the road. Would have been home sooner (no pun intended) but they turned I-35 South into a parking lot in OKC yesterday.

Brenda said...

Linda....I thought the same thing! Wondered which speaker he was ready to hang! LOL! Unfortunately, I don't have an excuse of 19 hours in a van....hummmm. Wonder what that says about me! ha!

Dixie said...

Very Clever, Shane.

Changing the subject...
I heard on Klove today that 2 cabins at Nebraska Youth Camp burned down. I checked their site and it was Bob-o-Link and Arapaho. I know my name is written inside both those cabins somewhere! I know they've done some adding on and these were ancient cabins so they should be able to build newer, better cabins but still...it's a little sad. Tell Alice for me.