Friday, April 10, 2009

Check This Out

For my 2 cents, one of the best blogs going is from right here in Owasso.

No, not mine.

But I encourage you to check out Hands and Feet 2.0 by my friend Darin Hamm at New Heights Church in Owasso. Excellent, thought provoking stuff on a regular basis. Add it to your favorites.


Anonymous said...

Darin has a great blog and seems like an incredibly creative person.

Anonymous said...

What is going on?

Shane. I don't usually check my stats but did because I saw a numbers bump and saw people coming from your site.

Thanks brother, it is kind of you to say. I always thought mine was a little to random for most.

When are we going for burritos again?

Shane Coffman said...

Darin - don't judge by the number of hits or the number of comments. Your words are challenging and right on the money for what I need to hear.

Burritos. Mmmmm. Soon.