Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yes, I know, I've been sparse around here lately...

My extra time has been going towards a few different projects...mostly the redesign of our church website: Check it out! There's plenty more work to be done there, but it's a good start.

My thanks to Melvin Fox for all of his hard work in figuring out how the web design program worked (and in turn training me) and in setting up the basic structure for the site. If it weren't for Melvin, that project would still be in a holding pattern.

As a part of the new site, each of our ministers has a blog, so I'll now have two blogs to keep up with. I'm planning to post there every Friday with thoughts that will prepare us for our Sunday time together.

A couple of weeks ago was spent concentrating on creating a vocal arrangement of the Casting Crowns song "Voice of Truth" for our praise team to sing on Senior Sunday to encourage and challenge our high school graduates. I've been wanting to do that song for years.

I really need to get it into gear and finish pre-production work for our upcoming praise team cd, "Brand New - Songs to Start Life Over" which is scheduled to be recorded in late June. I'm excited about the potential of this cd finding it's way into the hands (and cd players) of those who need to hear a message of hope. Lord willing, it should be released this fall.

Jason Thornton and I are pouring ourselves into the direction of next year's Tulsa Workshop. This is such a big many details to be attended to for the benefit of our thousands of guests. It is an incredible pleasure to work on, but it doesn't come together overnight. We meet weekly, and leave our meeting with more tasks to be accomplished. I admire Terry and Marvin more and more for their years of directing this event.

The office decorating project is nearing completion. I am still awaiting my full size OSU football helmet, need to frame and hang a couple of pictures, and finally sort through and organize my back wall. When complete, I'll post some pictures so you can laugh at my OSU fetish.

May God bless the projects you are working on this week. Care to share what they are, so we can be excited with you?


Tammy said...

Finishing workshop 2009 photos! Will be on my Flickr soon. (yea!) Working on editing KPCs Performance video and backlog of 3 Sunday services! To say I am behind is quite the understatement. (Oh, yeah, graduation senior gifts...gotta remember that one.)

PS I love the way you do so much for us!

Amy Paden said...

Finishing up my last collaborative project in undergrad, only 15 days until the presentation on it, and I could not be happier! ;-) Also trying to figure out how to redo the master bedroom, and 2 bathrooms-will be my summer project after graduation.

I like the website re-design!

Mike Morton said...

You'll have to send that our way... I really like that song and would really like to sing that a cappella.

preacherman said...

I want you to know that you are always in my prayers brother. I know all the projects you do glorify God. Keep making a kingdom difference.

Linda L said...

We FINALLY ripped the carpet out of our bedroom closet and laid down the wood flooring. This involve me emptying the closet and refilling (with LESS clothes) when Rick finished. I also sorted, filed and purged a bunch of papers that I had piled everywhere. Still have more decluttering to do this week...I'm on a mission! Then, it will be painting the living room/hallway and kitchen!
Plus journaling on my new blog (for my eyes only right now).

Anonymous said...

Blogs front and center on the new design. I like it!

We had an evening at the building called "Connect." It is designed to get people plugged in with specific ministries needs expressed by our deacons, elders, staff, and ministry leaders. It went better than I could have expected! Praise God for that.

Mickey Wherritt said...

my recent project was getting up at 5:00am so that I could come spend the day with your wife. Boy did we have fun. Thank you for sharing her with us. And for some reason I think we resembled a remark you made about "how many times have you said Good-bye" so it takes us awhile.

She keeps us feeling wonderful.